New York Mets’ Ace Pitcher Jacob deGrom Leaves Game with Side Tightness

On Sunday, May 9th, 2021 the New York Mets’ veteran ace starting pitcher as well as two – time Cy Young Award recipient, Jacob deGrom, was forced to exit the New York Mets’ ball game against the Arizona Diamondbacks from Citi Field located in Queens, New York, NY due to tightness in his right side. The New York Mets ended up winning this contest versus the Arizona Diamondbacks with a final score of 4 to 2. DeGrom left the game on Sunday afternoon during the after only throwing a couple of warm – up pitches just prior to the start of the 6th inning.

MRI to Come for Jacob deGrom

The New York Mets have announced that deGrom will undergo an MRI this week most likely in New York in order to determine if there is any serious damage associated with Jacob’s side injury that he has been dealing with lately. The New York Mets’ physicians and medical staff will determine deGrom’s timetable for his return following the MRI results.

According to the New York Mets’ manager Luis Rojas the tightness that deGrom was experiencing during his start on Sunday, May 9th, 2021 against of Arizona Diamondbacks was a separate issue from the discomfort that he was his right lat recently that caused him to miss his last start in the New York Mets’ starting pitching rotation. He was removed from the game only due to precautionary reasons, and the organization’s expectations are that he will not miss significant time due to this minor set – back.


At the moment deGrom holds a record of 3 and 2 as a starting pitcher for the New York Mets so far during the young 2021 Major League Baseball season. Jacob currently has an unbelievably amazing earned run average of 0.68. deGrom has an overall MLB career 72 wins and 53 losses, a career ERA of 2.55, and 1,418 strikeouts.       

Media Statement from the New York Mets’ Manager Luis Rojas

“He’s going for an MRI, just to see what’s going on there, to see how he is, have a clear view. Right – side tightness is what we have from our medical staff here, more so in his lower back area, on the right side. They’re taking a look, so once we get the results back, we’ll know how he is,” explained the New York Mets’ manager Luis Rojas following the Mets’ 4 – 2 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks. “(The injury is) different and more in the lower back area, rather than a little higher where it was. (Jacob deGrom was experiencing) no pain whatsoever. He said it’s just tightness. That’s what he told our trainer. (Rojas wants) to leave it to our medical staff and team doctor, after they take a closer look and see what he had.”

Jacob deGrom’s Baseball Career Achievements, Honors, and Awards

  • 3 Time MLB All – Star (2015, 2018, 2019)
  • 2 Time All – MLB First Team (2019, 2020)
  • 2 Time National League Cy Young Award Winner (2018, 2019)
  • National League Rookie of the Year (2014)
  • National League ERA Leader (2018)
  • 2 Time National League Strikeout Leader (2019, 2020)

Current MLB Standings as of Sunday, May 9th, 2021

American League East

Boston Red Sox                      21 – 13            0 Games Behind

Toronto Blue Jays                   17 – 15            3 Games Behind

New York Yankees                17 – 16            3.5 Games Behind

Tampa Bay Rays                    18 – 17            3.5 Games Behind

Baltimore Orioles                   15 – 18            5.5 Games Behind

American League Central

Chicago White Sox                 18 – 13            0 Games Behind

Cleveland Indians                   18 – 14            0.5 Games Behind

Kansas City Royals                16 – 16            2.5 Games Behind

Minnesota Twins                    12 – 20            6.5 Games Behind

Detroit Tigers                         10 – 24            9.5 Games Behind

American League West

Oakland Athletics                   21 – 14            0 Games Behind

Seattle Mariners                      18 – 16            2.5 Games Behind

Houston Astros                       17 – 16            3 Games Behind

Texas Rangers                        17 – 18            4 Games Behind

Los Angeles Angels                14 – 17            5 Games Behind

National League East

New York Mets                     15 – 13            0 Games Behind

Philadelphia Phillies               18 – 16            0 Games Behind

Atlanta Braves                        16 – 17            1.5 Games Behind

Miami Marlins                        15 – 17            2 Games Behind

Washington Nationals            13 – 16            2.5 Games Behind

National League Central

St. Louis Cardinals                 20 – 14            0 Games Behind

Milwaukee Brewers                18 – 16            2 Games Behind

Chicago Cubs                         17 – 16            2.5 Games Behind

Cincinnati Reds                      15 – 16            3.5 Games Behind

Pittsburgh Pirates                    13 – 19            6 Games Behind

National League West

San Francisco Giants              20 – 13            0 Games Behind

San Diego Padres                    18 – 16            2.5 Games Behind

Los Angeles Dodgers             17 – 16            3 Games Behind

Arizona Diamondbacks        15 – 18            5 Games Behind

Colorado Rockies                   12 – 21            8 Games Behind

 Odds to Win the MLB 2021 World Series

According to Intertops sportsbook below are the odds to win the MLB 2021 World Series as of Sunday, May 9th, 2021. Currently the New York Mets have the 4th highest odds to win it all for this exciting 162 game regular season of Major League Baseball in addition to the 2021 MLB playoffs. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ odds are not nearly as good as they have the 5th lowest odds to win this year’s MLB World Series in the eyes of the Intertops book makers.

Team                                                   Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers                         +350

New York Yankees                            +600

San Diego Padres                                +750

New York Mets                                 +850

Chicago White Sox                             +1000

Atlanta Braves                                    +1400

Oakland Athletics                               +1400

Houston Astros                                   +1600

Toronto Blue Jays                               +1800

St Louis Cardinals                              +1800

Tampa Bay Rays                                +2000

Milwaukee Brewers                            +2000

Boston Red Sox                                  +2000

Minnesota Twins                                +2500

Philadelphia Phillies                           +2800

Cincinnati Reds                                  +3300

Cleveland Indians                               +3300

Los Angeles Angels                            +3500

Washington Nationals                        +4000

Chicago Cubs                                     +4500

Kansas City Royals                            +5000

San Francisco Giants                          +5000

Miami Marlins                                    +5500

Seattle Mariners                                  +7500

Baltimore Orioles                               +12500

Arizona Diamondbacks                    +15000

Texas Rangers                                    +17500

Detroit Tigers                                     +25000

New York Mets’ Ace Pitcher Jacob deGrom Leaves Game with Side Tightness

Colorado Rockies                               +30000

Pittsburgh Pirates                                +30000