Iori Yogo wins Championship Event of APT Philippines Championships 2018

The Asian Poker Tour hosted the APT Philippines Championships 2018 from March to April at the Resorts World Manila with the much-anticipated APT Championship Event taking place during the series, from March 28 – April 2. The event saw 100 players competing with 17 of those players earning a payday.

The final table of the event would see eight players competing, with the APT Twitch channel and the APT YouTube channels offering a recap of the action. When the final table started, it would not be long before players would start to fall. Ichiyo Niwa was out quickly in 8th, followed shortly by Chua Shan Hui in 7th place, according to the APT.

Teng Wei Yang was next to go in 6th when he pushed all-in with A-9 off-suit and was called by Lester Edoc who held pocket queens. The queens held up and Yang was out of the competition. A few more eliminations later, Edoc and Yogo would be left in heads-up play. By the 7th hand, Yogo decides to move all-in after being down in chips to Edoc.

Yogo showed pocket 5s while Edoc held A-K of spades. The board fell for Yogo, helping him to double up and then eventually take the chip lead during the poker tournament. Edoc would end up with the lead again, but Yogo would take his chances yet again and then retake the chip lead.

After doubling up three times during heads-up play, Yogo would take the lead once and for all and the final hand would go down. The board showed 4-J-3 with Edoc checking and Yogo betting. Edoc would raise and Yogo would quickly shove all-in. Edoc called and the two would show their hands. Yogo held J-2 with a top pair and flush draw as there were all clubs on the board, while Edoc would hold 4-3 of diamonds for two pair. A 5 of diamonds on the turn and the 5 of spades on the river gave Yogo the higher pair and the win.

Final Results:

Place Player Prize
First Iori Yogo Php2,402,500
Second Lester Edoc Php1,602,400
Third Henrik Tollefsen Php1,111,600
Fourth Fu Bang Huang Php802,200
Fifth Kosei Ichinose Php602,400
Sixth Teng Wei Yang Php471,400
Seventh Chua Shan Hui Php383,200
Eighth Ichiyo Niwa Php324,000

Iori Yogo wins Championship Event of APT Philippines Championships 2018